L & D Piping, Inc.
Est. 2000

Our team of ambitious professionals have merged a wealth of experience and skill into a company that has earned a remarkable reputation as a leading piping company.  We have combined our strengths to create an unbeatable force in the HVAC Industry.

James Molino
President of Operations

James has 35 years of experience in Business and 43 years in the HVAC industry.  He keeps a personal and professional attitude in every level of the operation from company finance to overseeing sales, growth, project estimation and new client development. 

David Cotter
Executive Vice President and Director of Construction

Dave has 26 years of experience in Business Management and has completed a 5 year Trade School specializing on piping systems.  He is our on site Project Manager responsible for overseeing all projects from start to finish.   Dave maintains a constant communication between all trades to ensure job satisfaction and completion.

LauraAnn Molino
Chief Financial Officer

Laura has 20 years of experience in Business Finance and Office Management.  Her responsibilities include day to day finances, purchasing and overall business management. 
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